Understanding SEO and Social Networking

In the modern world dominated by the concept of globalization and the popularity of the Internet, social media and social networks have been the topic of the day. Most of the individuals have already jumped on the bandwagon of the social networking groups. There are communities of social networking enthusiasts who stay in touch with each other 24 x 7. Communication among the members of such communities is very intense and sometimes more intimate than with their own family members.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the procedure whereby the website is analyzed and modified to allow search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo to correctly index the website after reading and understanding its contents. If the results are quite encouraging then this indexing will help to generate huge traffic juice for the site. You should also know that there are plenty of SEO tools in this present day and each and every one of them have their strengths as well as weaknesses. An interesting point to note is that social networking has also been considered as a SEO strategy at times, even though in itself, social networking is a huge buzzword and some consider it not categorized under SEO but an internet marketing branch by itself.

A global map showing the connections of people across many continents.Social networks can be used as conduits for generating traffic to a website. Through the implementation of both strategies of SEO and social networking, you can steer traffic to your website which in turn should generate higher profits for you. While social networking is targeted at creating a good impression on other individuals, the SEO is aimed at impressing the spiders of search engines. Hence, in social networking you have to write excellent personalized and interesting content to attract and retain the attention of other individuals in the same or different networking community. And in SEO, content is written with the goal of correct usage of keywords so as to attract the attention of the spiders of the search engines.

For an effective and efficient SEO, it may be prudent to alter the title or the keyword density so that the site gets awarded a high page rank by the search engines. On the other hand, social networking may be employed to spread awareness of the brand of your website among the numerous members of your social community. The concept of SEO is quite old, but social networking is still in its infancy having come on the scene somewhere around 2005. A little knowledge of the net will enable you to indulge in social networking, but for quality and excellent SEO, you require much more technical know-how. It is not the job of a newbie. The search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing really stress the significance of SEO as this is directly related to page rank which is the symbol of the popularity of the site. On the other hand, one can employ tweeting or sharing through social networking portals a certain web page which in fact contributes to SEO.

The arrangement and configuration of the site is not of much significance (in terms of SEO) while social networking assumes mammoth relevance when attempting SEO. Effective SEO may involve costs whereas to do social networking, no costs are usually involved. Also, high quality SEO require you to abide by strict rules set forth by the algorithms of the search engines but in the case of social networking, no such rules exist except that you keep it personal and if possible, give your social messages a human touch so as to interest the other members of your social networking group.

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