Making money off your domain

If you are serious in your goal to succeed at investing in domains, then this article may well serve as a guide on your chosen path. This is not the bible to domaining or dealing in domains. But it assists you in knowing the rudiments of domain investing if you are genuinely interested in such a venture. It will surely not make you an expert at domaining but will at least show a torch where the potholes and the pitfalls lie. It may be equated to an ABC – A Beginner’s Codebook – which will answer your basic and fundamental questions regarding domains and their intricacies.

The most down to earth advice for such a venture is not stomping grounds where even professionals fear to tread. If the opportunity offered has a small investment then you may opt for it because the financial risk may be negligible. Also, it may be an opportunity to learn about domains and their volatile nature by spending a low amount of money. But if the investment envisaged is large, it is like they say caveat emptor or buyers beware. It is needless to jump in the pond when we do not know its exact depth or how shallow it is. Too large an investment is not only a substantial risk but the returns may also not warrant you taking so big a risk.

It is more prudent to start with a few pennies and then to move on to investing pounds. Because if you lose – and you will lose initially, all you have lost will be a low sum. As they say, you will still have your shirt and can live to fight another day. There are thousands of domains available on the net with a surge of domains being loaded by the hour if not by the minute. Hence, for you to judiciously select those domains which will be good investment is like searching for a needle in a haystack. You will need a very powerful magnet.

You do have myriad choices for investing or monetizing websites. You may find some of these very easy to understand and do while others may be costing a low sum of money. Each of these methods has two sides and you may have to judge for yourself which one(s) to go in for. Obtaining an affiliate website appears to be having good popularity. You can come up with a catchy or exquisite domain name and then register it. Then design your site with links to ads for similar sites and earn money when any visitor clicks on those ads. Then you may go in for Pay-Per-Click or PPC sites. These are similar to affiliate sites though the revenue comes from systems like Yahoo or Google AdSense.

There are also parking services for domains like Domainsupport or Sedo where you can conveniently park your domain and then link to other sites or have your site loaded with ads just like you do for affiliate advertising or PPC. You may also rent or lease your domain name to those who are interested in using it. If an excellent offer comes you may also sell the domain in its entirety. Alternatively, you can go the whole hog and register your domain, work on its design and contents as well as develop it into a well paying site and then either live off the proceeds or sell it off at an exorbitant price. The choice is yours!

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